Makin catfish bait?????

So if I was going to make some catfish bait what would you say would be a good formula to do so. Using ie liver chicken fish shrimp garlic beer things like that.


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Chum with milo dog food and beer for a week or two in a bucket then carefully disperse with a slingshot if on the bank and is easy to make and handle. Bait is already make in quality proven cheaper formulas in my opinion. Stick to the chicken breast by itself seems to be a winner. Lol
Chum all you want to get a spot, but the day of your fishing excursion, only toss out a bit of chum. You don't want the fish to get full on chum and not take your bait.


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Go to any housing development/construction site and scoop out some of the tank of any port- o -John on the construction site. Chum already made for you .