Medina lake fun, dinks but fun

IMG_14481.jpg IMG_14541.jpg IMG_14481.jpg IMG_14541.jpg IMG_14531.jpg IMG_14521.jpg IMG_14471.jpg IMG_14481.jpg Went to Medina lake today, i got property down the road from Warton's Dock.... We got into a bunch of lmb feeding on top.... Caught 15, nothing big enough to keep but hey, we were catching fish & thats all that matters IMG_14481.jpg

Robert Medina

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Yea I also went Saturday (8/13) morning. My buddy caught about 4. I pulled in 5. 3 dinks and 2 nice chunks. I put a pic of the bigger one. Rain slowed us down around 9 because we were in the kayaks. Overall decent even though it was cut short. Snapchat-1562488546494597761.jpg

Robert Medina

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What baits were you guys tossing and where at ??
We started at sun up and fished until about 9. I used a popper in the morning. That got 2 dinks. Then went to the micro chatterbait which got another dink. The two nice chunks I was using the original chatterbait. Caught them all near Habys cove and Waltons Island. My friend also used a popper, a ribbon tail worm, and a 12ft diving crank.
I was tossing perch colored chatter when we first got there and wasnt catching anything... when we found them feeding on top in the cove, we switched to rattle traps and slayed em
Yea i was tossing it against docks and along drop offs. Places with structure where they like to hide.
Same here, plus up in bushes ect.... how do u fish them chatters ? ... i cast em where i want em, let drop a few seconds the reel em back like a spinner bait.... also are you using the little split tail plastic the come with ?


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That color rattle-trap has accounted for more bass on Lake Fork than any other bait.The guides by them by the case, tie them on and the clients chunk and crank them . the 1/4 or 1/2 for numbers and the 3/4 oz. for trophys. The plain red is good too, they actually called Lake Fork red.