Need advice on depth/fish finders !!!!!!!!

Ive got a 10 foot Jonboat with a trolling motor on it & id like to add a depth/fish finder.... I was thinking about a hummingbird but the fact that i have to hook it to my battery for trolling motor and in-turn drain my battery more, im kinda reluctant..... another thing im worried about is mounting the transducer. I dont trailer my boat, i load it in the back of my pickup & i am worried about breaking the transducer doing so....i know there has to be other options, cause i seen many kayaks rigged with depth/fish finders. anyone got ideas, recommendations ect ect ????


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Go hummingbird. The best one u can afford. Down imaging is awesome and has changed my way of fishing and upped the catch ratio once I learned to read it well. On my John boat I used 2" Velcro to mount transducer to back corner of boat then U can remove it when u travel and if I bottom out on the water it will come loose instead of breaking Id seriously consider a second trolling battery since its your only means of motoring around then u will have no worries with the wind killing your battery when using ur trolling motor and depth finder Another choice is small deer feeder 12v batterys just for the depth finder add a solar panel for sunny days and it will run smaller finders for 8 hours. I've done this for clients kayaks before.
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When I had my jon boat, I mounted my transducer to a 2 foot piece of PVC pipe, mounted that to a 4" X" 8" X 1/2" chunk of plywood with a couple 2 hole conduit straps, and clamped that to the transom with a couple c-clamps. Made it easy to put on and take off each trip as well as adjust the depth of the x-ducer when needed.


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I used to have an old hummingbird fishfinder that was actually portable with the transducer attached to a small suction cup that would stick to the transom. It ran off 2 6 volt lantern style batteries. It worked ok. If you could find one of those that would work being you don't have a trailer.
Well im a fabricator by trade (build Hot Rods & Customs for a living), ive already designed a quick, easy, removable mount for the unit itself. Just got to come up with the idea to mount transducer.... shouldnt be hard at all once i get my hands on it


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The transducer mount has breakaway tabs that release the transducer from mount and allows the transducer to pivot upwards instead of breaking off. When I get boat into the water I just snap the transducer into place. Before you get to shore,, unsnap it that way the ducer can swing freely. I've done it this way for 2 years with no problems
I had interference when I had my depth finder powered by the same battery as my trolling motor. Whenever I had my trolling motor on the screen would go crazy. I already had two batteries in the boat so when I switched the wiring everything was fine. Obviously my suggestion is two batteries but certainly test it first and be ready.