New Fishing regulations

Good news!!! Im in favor of evrything.

I wish they were more clear about lures in the new trout zone as they should have also stated no artificial or natural scents can be used.

Glad they changed back the jug line deal, that was a silly law.

Yay!!! Good gar spawning grounds will be saved!!! I know many think this is sily but so was the dodo bird till it was extinct.... Without proper care a 300lb 8ft plus gar will be nothing more then an old fishing story.

For you folks at the coast watch out on new trout bag limits year round and restricted flounder limits into december.

I also favored the new restriction on oyster harvesting although Im sure this hurts local oyster harvesters its better for the water as oysters are one of natures natural filters. Couldnt be bad expescially with all that spilt oil.... Also who doesnt like fishing productive oyster beds???
I took that survey/feedback awhile back. Some are kinda vague but I agree with the regulations if it betters the fishing for the future generations. Notice, Lake Kyle will be CPR only. Now in a few years there might be some fun fish to catch (hope Kyle will open the retention lake behind Kyle Lake).
Thanks Lisa, by the way, did ya'll do any good in Rockport, we didn't.


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You welcome barneypoo69, we did ok we went down to fulton pier the weather was ok when we got there ,there was a lil fog not to much wind, but by midnight the fog got thicker and wind picked up, but we did manage to get bites we caught a couple of hard heads ,and a few whittings...bit over all no trouts or reds...