New to kayaking - access points?

Hi folks! I’ve been fishing the banks in and around the SA area for years, and just got a kayak (Perception Access 9.5 - just light enough so I can move it solo). Ideally, I would love to use it on Cibolo Creek, but cannot find anywhere to put in that isn’t dry as a bone. Anyone have any locations they can share? Safe places to park the truck would be awesome, but right now I’d be happy just to get the kayak into the creek.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

(So far I’ve only used it in 3 places as I’m completely lost when it comes to places where I can put in - I’ve hit the Guadalupe from the public boat ramp off I-35 as well as Cypress Bend, and at Live Oak City lake (Martinez). The Guadalupe points weren’t so great as Cypress Bend had me between rapid (plus bazillion people floating), and the boat ramp area has some real jerks causing massive wakes.)