New To Kayaking Not New To Fishing

Hello everyone. Just starting kayak fishing and love it. It's better than bank fishing. I'll be posting in the kayak section soon. I look forward the setting a hook soon. Good Luck
I own a Predator XL with the Minn-Kota trolling motor option which I have used for several years. I totally enjoy the portability, ease of maintenance, hands-free fishing, and the ability to access almost any location at the properties I fish.


Helotes Bill,

I don't think that it's possible to actually wear-out a Minn-Kota. = The trolling motor that Mother bought me for Christmas in 1974 is still going strong.


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Speaking of Minn-Kotas....I still have one for sale.

65 pound thrust PowerDrive with AutoPilot and Universal Sonar.