New upcoming features


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Well just listing few things that will be changed in upcoming days .

Major thing - Whole design of site will be changed which mean new look to the site .

Notice system will be totally different and current guest notice will be removed.
Usergroup Promotion - Have couples of things in mind once the community grows we might just throw in few ideas for those who want to support our site in various ways.
Option to auto-embed media objects such as videos/
Ability to search within threads .
Proper Warning system
Ignore system in place

Gallery system is still in progress which might take little while probably a month more.

Once everything above is completed we will have portal page as homepage for couples of days as main landing page to give it a try .


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This might take little longer to finish to add up some good features on it . Frameworks and so on . I am hoping by that time Gallery should be ready too hopefully .