Old Farm Ponds

So is there a trick to fishing farm ponds? I found 2 badass ones next to each other, they're huge, about the size of live oak. Fish are there. They would hit my frog but they just couldn't swallow it. Is it just because they're not used to people fishing? Not much algae but tons of weeds growing up to water surface. Tried chatterbait and weighted brush hog but come up with weeds everytime so just stuck with topwater. Would anything other than topwater work for them weeds? I saw one that hit the frog and he looked of decent size, so I don't assume it's because they're too small for frog, could be wrong. Any advice is appreciated.


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USe the frog as a fish finder. Once they miss the frog pull the ole switcharoo cast back with a weedless light to weightless bait such as tx rig sinko or weightless trick worm or fluke etc. something that will sit on top of the vegitation versus plunging into the grass. It's killer tactic that has worked many times for me.
So I went back to the pond weekend, with success!! TX rigged senko with 1/8 weight slow swim retrieve while twitching did the trick. No pics but I did manage to snag a video. Check it out:
Decided to try making YouTube videos sort of like lunkers tv and lake fork guy style. Quality will get better over time, only have my phone to create these as of now.