Packery Channel March 5th, 2017'MI.Girl

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Hey SAFF'ers!

We went to Rockport last weekend for oysterfest. After we checked out of the hotel we stopped at the packery channel to get some fishing in before heading back to SA.

I'm by no means a saltwater fisherman but I always buy tackle like I know what I'm doing and tend to buy whatever looks like fun. LOL.

So...lots of firsts...

First time using my $10 Daiwa combo (clearance at Academy)

First time using fluorocarbon line - 15lb test (clearance for 7 bucks at Walmart)

First time using double drop steel leaders

First time using beak hooks - size 1


First time catching a keeper sheepshead 16.5 inches!

First time catching a flounder - 17 inches
That flounder took my line then as I was reeling him in, my husband's line got crossed on mine and the flounder was hooked on his too. He definitely wasn't going anywhere!

It was a pretty exciting day since I was the only one in our group that caught anything. Sometimes experimenting pays off and you get lucky with those impulsive and clearanced tackle purchases.


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That's an awesome day livin the salt life!!! Nothing like the chicken of the sea(flounder).
Half the fun of fishing is all the crap U get to buy. Lol
That's one of my favorite areas down there. Across the channel is a honey hole.
Aloe Vera purchased in the big bottle is the only hope u have to lul the burn. Lol
And my girls call that hair coast head. It comes with the territory living the salt life!!! Lmao.
I have a rule on taking fish pics with my daughters down there. It has to be a keeper going in the box if they care what there hair looks like when I take the pic. If it's a short fish it may die by the time there ready fixing there hair. Lol
Great job conquering the salt water... keep up the good work.


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dad gummit, i need to get back there. that flounder looks good. outstanding @Mi.Girl. @Fishmaster, you are right about the aloe vera. took the kids and gkids to Malaquite beach last year and stayed four about crispy critters. the only thing that kept us there was the aloe vera...weeeedoggeeee