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The following events occurred on September 22, 2017.

After spending about 30 minutes at Packery Channel with no results and most of the prime spots taken, I decided to head towards PINS.
I hit the park entrance around 8:30 am and drove down to about the 12 mile marker. I stopped and started setting out rods. Water was slightly tea-stained with minimal weed and smallish breakers. Driving was 9 out of 10 with one point being taken away for smaller pieces of Harvey debris still being on the beach. I noticed that I wasn't seeing any bait fish. no mullet, anchovies or shad. Nothing. But I decided to give it a try.
After a couple of hours of catching only a few small whiting, one rat red and several hardheads I decided to relocate. Rather than heading further down the beach, I decided to head North and stopped around the six mile mark. While setting out lines I noticed there was baitfish in the water. I had found the mullet! After cast netting about a dozen ,I set out one as live bait, one as cut bait, and a long rod with a shrimp/fishbite combo. After about 10 minutes, the live rod started bowing and the fight was on! Several minutes in, I was rewarded with a 27" red fish. Not long after that, another rod took off and it resulted in a 25" redfish. as I was putting the fish in the ice chest a park ranger truck drove by. The truck drove past me but then stopped about 50 yards down from me, turned around then sat there for a minute. It then slowly proceeded towards me. A young blonde short-haired male exited the truck and said he was executing a check. He asked to see my fishing license, my ID, wanted to see the fish I had caught, measure their length in front of him and look through my coolers. after he decided everything was kosher, he bid me a good day, good luck and went on his way. Since he was fairly courteous, professional and not a Richard-head about it I felt no ill will and went back to fishing. With two keeper reds in the box, I wanted to catch one more to make my limit. This took a little longer than I had anticipated but it was worthwhile as while I was waiting, I was catching one keeper whiting after another and when the third red finally bit, I was given one amazing battle as the fish refused to go down easily. I was sure it was going to be oversized but when I finally brought it in, it measured out at 27.5". It was just one mean, broad-shouldered b***h.

It was a good day.


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It’s actually a good thing that he was doing a check. Nowadays, people will keep anything they can, not worrying about the consequences. I don’t take chances, gonna be a law abiding citizen (when it comes to fishing and hunting) all my life!