Post pics of your most recent catch?

Went back to the Leon creek today and caught the male 2.5-3 and the female I couldn't catch yesterday
it was a crazy fight she made 3-4 runs taking 15-20ft of line each time what a day I didnt have my scale but she was a toad 7+ for sure wish I had my scale she could have been my new pb I'll have to weigh her next time and find out lol
Hot damn nice fish man
@Mccano1201 - Where do you get your bass magnets?
Thanks man well Im not sure how to answer that exactly but I dedicate a lot of my free time to fishing (my wife has threatened my life on a couple occasions),
what has helped me a lot has been fishing unpressured waters like golf courses or at night. That has helped me gain confidence in certain baits and myself.
Ive been trying to expand that to new techs/lures. Always trying learn more and hunt down my first 10#er
Kinda hard from the bank lol but
Hopefully I can get bass boat eventually and move up to your level
Hell of a day at the pond caught 16 bass . My best day so far this year . It won't let me load any picture because it says the file it too big . You can see them on fishbrain . My username is ntaylor8305