Raising Cane on the Cane Raiser

Hey everyone. It's been forever since I have posted, but its been forever since I have really been fishing so...

Anyway, this past weekend I got to attempt to go offshore fishing w/ some new friends on a 22ft Mako known as the Cane Raiser. The weather was not very cooperative. We got into Port Aransas Friday evening and did a little scouting. We looked at our charts, had dinner and got to bed pretty early to get ready for our early day the next AM. The next morning we got up at 5 am to light winds and HEAVY rainfall. We went back to sleep for another half hour and the rain calmed down quite a bit. So we got up, had breakfast and got on the water by about 620. There was still light to medium rain but the birds were surface working HARD just past the harbor entrance. As soon as we got outta the No Wake Zone we ran to the birds to throw some Sabikis for bait. We instantly started getting some menhaden to bite on the sabikis. I threw a diving crankbait that was rigged and caught a very long lady fish on the first cast. He fell off before the boat however. We caught several baitfish and headed for the open waters of the GoM. When we got to the mouth of the jetty the waves were large, but we thought after getting past the break water it may lay down a bit... Wrong! The waves only got worse. Soon we were into 8 ft rollers. Not a good place to be in a 22 footer. We turned around and had a very rough ride back to the relative safety of the channel. There were still 3-4 foot whitecaps within the channel. We went into the ICW where it calmed down and fished for a while only catching hardheads since we didnt have any good inshore bait.

The next day we went and scouted the water in the channel. The wind had shifted and was blowing off the beach. What a difference that made in the wave size. So we left the channel and headed North to the platforms. We got to within a mile or so and things got crazy again. There was a dip in the beach front and the wind was being channeled and blowing huge waves into our cross current. It is pretty strange seeing white caps hitting you coming FROM the beach, not to it. Again we had to turn around and head for the channel on another rough ride. We got back to the channel and anchored just outside the North jetty. Again we didnt catch anything worth a damn. We got between the jetty and came up on a charter that had 3 fish on at the same time. They turned out to be bull reds. We also saw some very large fish (maybe Amberjack) jumping in the area. We tried to anchor but the wind was too strong and we couldn't get the anchor to hold. After several attempts it finally held, but by that time the reds had left the area. We went back to port, trailered up and came home. It was still fun, exhilarating and strangely calming to be out though. It still definitely beat sitting indoors, or being at work.


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Nice report bro ! I saw a catch by Jsb aka jeff he got damn nice bull red :) Hopefully he will come around and post his catch .

Actually i had the link saved lol !

Great report Cypher! That is the bad thing about the coast, the weather can change in an instant and ruin a perfectly good trip. Sounds like you guys made the best of it!