Randolph AFB rec area


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I visited the area over the summer of 2018. The kids were in the swim area and eating Cheetos. A few Cheetos fell into the water and very docile catfish came up and snacked. they would stay about an arms length away and one of my kids swore they got to pet one. I quickly baited a few rods and fly-lined some salami and landed 5 cats up to about 18" long. It was a blast to sight cast for them. All were released to grow. I love the Military rec areas of Canyon lake. Must have spent most of the summer there.


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It's be along time, but when I fished at the Ft Sam Houston Resort I felt safe and at home. People were great and fishing was good.
It does have that family vibe. I dig it. People are quick to share and ensure all have a great time. We bought a blowup island and would party in the middle of the swim area... Kayak out trolling (never caught a thing) around the boat docks and the main cove and BBQ like we were on a CA beach. I swear we were there every weekend for like 7 weeks from Early July into most of August. Looking forward to doing it again.


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I've used the launch there a few times. It's the only one on Canyon that I've found with a dock fairly close to the ramp. I usually get the yearly pass, but haven't been there for almost a year now.
Used to fish there a lot, haven’t been in a while. Caught mostly bass on finesse worms and crankbaits, but there’s plenty of panfish, crappie, and catfish in there. Not sure if any of the trout they stock on the river go into the lake or not.