Rod Repair

Hey Guys I got a new to me fly fishing rod and reel. My dad gave it to me as a wedding gift. Its is a Sage 490 ii graphite and the reel is an orvis battenkill 5/6 if im not mistaken. I will have it here in SA on Friday. I need to be pointed in the right direction to someone that can fix the guides on the rod as some are in rough shape due to my younger siblings not giving a you know what. And someone to completely clean and lube up the reel and make it good as new.

Any info is appreciated thanks!!!
Hey Omar, quick question, when you say the guides need to be fixed, do you mean the actual guide? Or that the guides are coming off or have already fallen off the rod?
20150929_115950_resized.jpg 20151006_193037_resized.jpg @Urban Fisher the guides have been bent. I have younger siblings ages 5/7/8 that like to ride their bikes in the garage smh. I am getting the rod on Friday so I can post of some pictures of what actual condition that it is in then. My dad is also giving me a Lamiglas and a GLoomis rod. Both also will require work but I wont get those until I visit during thanksgiving. My dad did send me pics of the info on the rods.


also from my knowledge on the sage pole. The guides are only bent not broken off. The other 2 poles im not sure, I wouldn't be surprised if a few have been broken off to be honest since they don't have a protective case like the sage rod does.
Thanks! Those are nice rods and definitely worth fixing up. Depending on the damage to the guides it probably is best just to replace them. If you are able to bend them back in shape, then cool! Use them until they do break. However if they need maybe some sodering, well that can cause snag points that may effect your casting with the fly line. Also if they have ceramic inserts (usually the first guide from the reel) that are missing, again it could cause rough spots that can wear on the fly line.

Guides can vary from super inexpensive to very expensive. A good place to buy new ones is Mud Hole Tackle. They have a huge selection of guides and probably can even help you match new ones to what is on the rod now. They also have videos that show you in detail how to wrap the guides to the rod and how to finish it with epoxy. It can seem intimidating, but believe me it's not that hard. When you do get the rods, I tend to hang out after work at Tuner's place every Tuesday. If you want to swing by, we can look at them and assess what needs to be done.

One last note, if the rods have been ran over with bikes or stepped on and such, it can cause weak spots. They may not be visible and the rod may look fine, but if one does suddenly snap on you, that's probably why.
not so much ran over more like picked up and moved not so carefully and then fallen on its own over and over again. The rods I believe should be in good shape just the guides are in rough shape due to falling over all the time. I'll look into that website and hopefully its not too tough. Quick question though, Do you suggest I just clean up the reel for the fly rod or completely buy a new one?
The reels should be fine. Fly rod reels are simple compared to spinning of baitcasting reels. They don't really have any drag or gears. They usually have a spring clicker and a nut to control the spool. Fly reels really are just a place to store the line. I would say just take them apart (watch youtube videos on it first) clean and just re-lubricate them.