SAFF Shirts & Decals !! Taking orders


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Alright folks i still have most of the shirts left from last years order if you are looking to get few please put in your order now since we can meet halfway . I will be moving next month so most of it will have to be shipped get it while you can . If we can sell out rest merchandise i plan on adding more hats and other items in coming months . Once we have new staffs we will also plan for local drop off's and pick up for them as well .

Decals size is 5' x 5' - $7
Regular T-shirts - Design on Front - $18
Long Sleeve Dry Fits with Ruler - Logo Design is on back side but ruler is on side arm - $30 .

Here are some pics for reference & we are ready to take orders now if anyone want's to pick them up today i will be home also be at medical center area at 7pm this evening .

sale1.JPG sale2.JPG sale3.JPG


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Sizes i have left on Dry Fits :
2 Medium Blue
7 XL Blue
5 2XL - Dark Blue
4 2XL Neon Green

Sizes on Regular Shirts :
Medium , XL & 2XL i have one more package coming in today for regular shirts not sure what sizes we have coming yet .