San Antonio Boat show

Hi everyone, this is my first post and looking for suggestions. I live in El Paso but visit San Antonio quite a bit and I was wondering about the boat show. Can you get a pretty good deal on a boat there? I will be looking a a center console nothing over the top just a good fishing boat. The one boat dealer here thinks his boats are made of solid gold and asks premium prices and at the one lake where I fish (Elephant Butte) The dealers out there wont deal, hell nobody out here except a couple of guides have cc boats. After years with a bass boat, I finally convinced the loan officer aka wife it was time for something new. thanks


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They have boats, and boy are those boats pricey. You might come across a good deal, ut the best bet is to make your way to the Houston Boat Show, it’s bigger and from what I’ve heard, a lot more variety.