San Antonio Fishing Forum Changes !


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Finally 200+ Likes on our Facebook Page . 750+ Registered members with active board we are glad to announce we will be making several changes with site in upcoming days including Staffs . Here are few features and changes we will be introducing soon :
Better Responsive design for smart phones,ipad,tablets .
New Editor with Drag and drop system to upload images directly to your threads/reports
Better user tagging feature,auto save drafts for messages
User Group/Staffs Banner (Will be offering as Premium Membership system)
Better Private message management system , User preference to disable Flash uploader
Some users have run into problems where Flash is enabled but Flash-based uploads would fail. Individual users can now turn off the Flash uploader even if the admin has enabled it

We will also be introducing new signature rules/advertising rules also will be making changes to Friends & Network Block on our site sidebar banners by introducing few new rules and terms for providing our free advertisement space on site. Due to increasing traffic /activity on our site server load has been increasing which is why we are making few changes . We will also introduce Paid Advertisement space on site so if anyone is interested to purchase space please feel free to leave us message . Prices will be minimum cost just to handle our server /maintenance expenses only .

We are glad to have such a nice community with wonderful folks providing us fishing reports,stories and informations regarding Fishing . There are several ideas and plans regarding this site we have left behind and we still have it in mind but so far due to expenses on server ,maintenance cost those ideas were delayed but we are hoping to change that in next few months . I would like to thank you all and hope you will continue to support us in future as well .

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Cant wait buddy.....since I first came to this site every body has been really friendly and full of knowledge. I'll help out any way I can with the site and ill keep supporting SAFF!!!!!!


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Uve done an awesome job on this site tuner and I love to share and post and help everyone I can on saff. Alot of great guys and info on here and I no u will just make it better. Can't wait to see the changes coming. Saff is my favorite place online and I spend alot of time on here its my favorite thing to do. Besides fishing. Lol good luck let me no how I can help. I'd be honered to


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The time i have spent on here has helped me out a lot cause you get to learn from everyone with new ideas for fishing the coast or any of the lakes in texas but I know ive learned plenty from here and also made new friends


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Finally the update/upgrade of site has started from this morning . I know lot of things look broken around here and yes i am working on them . It will be better in no time.

If you encounter any issues feel free to leave message here.