Shirts & Decals are in !! Get your orders in


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Howdy Folks !! Finally some of SAFF Merchandise are in now . We only have limited quantity right now but we should have more coming every other week including female shirts for which i need some size from you all who need them . Next order we should have our hats as well .

Decals size is 5' x 5' - $7
Regular T-shirts - Design on Front - $18
Long Sleeve Dry Fits with Ruler - Logo Design is on back side but ruler is on side arm - $30 .

Here are some pics for reference & we are ready to take orders now .



Dave Stone

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Let me get back to old post and round up some numbers & Thank you sir being such an awesome support all these years and for all the awesome suggestions which kept us moving forward .
Suggestions and advice are free, whether they are used or not gives them their value. I have been lucky. LOL


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Cool!!! Bring mine Friday morning and we'll settle up. The med t shirt was for my wife so 1 2XL t shirt and a decal will do until the women's come in.


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I ordered the following. Can grab them Friday

1 decal
1 XL shirt
1 XXL dry fit
Awesome i am going to start seperating them for each members so i will know how many i need to order for next batch . What part of town do you live at ? Thanks


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True Navy - XXL : 5
Lime Shock - XXL -5

True Royal : Xl -5
True Royal : M - 5
True Royal : Xl - 5

This is what i have on Long Sleeve Dry Fits . This was just a test run . Will be first come first serve so yea @Stephen Bratz i think we still have few before they are gone . Let me know what part of town do you live at so we can work out rest details .