Throw a cast net


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I admitted defeat and gave away a cast net some 10 years ago living in CA. After fishing here for a year I see the need for one in my arsenal. Aside from the typical YouTube videos, is there any other pointers you all could give? Anyone know of a local college offering classes?

Looking for suggestions for a newb on cast nets appropriate for this area (net size, dia, etc.) and any other support.


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I’ve tried the way that some YouTube videos show, but it’s about consistency and when I’m trying to get on the water, im not looking to try new things, I just want to get my bait and move quickly to a fishing spot. If I’m by myself on the boat, it can get a little tricking getting into a spot, throwingthe net, then moving to the wheel to position the boat for the next cast depending on the water current.

All in all, if you have time, practice what works best for you or try to learn from someone at your next fishing adventure.