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bobby ingram jr

God forgives, outlaws don't.
my friend has a good boat and trailer with a bad motor he wants to get rid of. the boat and trailer are in good shape. he only wants 1500 for the whole package. here are a couple of pictures. the motor needs work.



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Out of curiosity, what is wrong with the motor that it needs work? I already have my boat, but I am sure that someone might want to know what's wrong before they take interest in it.

bobby ingram jr

God forgives, outlaws don't.
the motor starts but does not run good enough to go out. a mechanic says he can fix it for $1000. I think since it is an old motor it would be best to put a new or new motor on it.
What is the length of the boat? What's the make,model, and year? Are the titles for boat,trailer, and motor available? I'm looking into gettin a boat and putting a new/updated outboard on it.


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Thats a good deal, Ive had boats over the years that have had motor troubles. It didnt stop me from using it, I would pick the best protected cove and put in the ramp there and and fish with the troll motor. Had paddles as back-up and an extra battery. All top 5 of my biggest bass over 9 lbs. were caught from the bank or pier,or a boat such as this. I have a boat,or would consider this.