using spoons from the bank

Does anyone throw out spoons from the bank with any success? What brands/types do you prefer? Are there any techniques or preferred ways to use them that has worked best for you? I'm all ears..

I'm looking to change up my normal routine and haven't used any spoons (or jigs) as of yet. Just a bit curious to learn more before I go running out there with something new to me. Thanks.


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Not from the bank. Matter of fact not much from a boat either. Like yourself, I don't use them much either. When I bass fish from the bank, I throw baits that don't get hung up as much like tx rig, weightless senko, topwaters. Sometimes a squarebill.


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Some spoons for lmb are quite snagproof, with weedguards . Some have buzzers or spin blades in front and skirts,hell you can even add a trailer too. Have has success around lily pads and light hydrilla,coontail etc...Then my favorite white bass lure for shallow spawning whites is the smallest Tony Acceta " Pet " spoon with white or yellow feather.....deadly from the bank. Then my Favorite lure period for tailrace stripers is Hopkins hammered spoon silver 1 oz. is the usual. Then in saltwater Texas , there are big gator trout, bull red legends that have a tackle box consisting in nothing but metal spoons for lures ! But as KMHendu stated Senkos and squarebills are some of the go to baits from the bank. Jerk baits,spinnerbaits,trap style baits,buzz and topwaters, and other plastics should be included in your arsenal . Tight lines.