Vindication: Canyon lake Park 8-9-16

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Decided to hit up Canyon Lake Park for an all night catfishing session Monday.
It had been too long since I had last gone fishing and as the park would soon be closing for the season I figured now was the time.
After setting out my lines, I decided to try and catch some pan fish to use for fresh cut bait but all I got was this


Curse my bad luck. ;)

Once night had fallen, it was time to try out my latest project: portable, positionable LED lights.
They worked out even better than I had hoped.




Funny part is, as we were enjoying a late supper, park patrol stopped at our site after noticing the light to see if we were using a generator (not allowed). We said, "No. It's only a 12v LED light." He said, "Okay." Turned around and walked back to his truck.

At the end of the day, only one catfish was caught, but WHAT a fish!

canyon cat.jpg

26", 8+lbs.caught on my low buck chuck test bed rod and reel which I had posted about earlier using my own chicken breast/liver/garlic/sardine oil creation.
I hope to make it back out to the park before it closes at the end of September for the season.
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