Wading Boots

Looking to upgrade my wading boots this year for trout fishing in the guad. I have currently have lace up boots and curious if the neoprene zip up boots are better or worse for such river fishing? Any benefits from one or the other?



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Felt sole boots are the way to go on the slick limestone bottom
Neoprene are nice but be prepared to sweat like crazy in them even in the fridagade water.
Thanks for the info. I thought there was some sort of limitation with felt soles as some bodies of water not allowing due to contamination. I know last year I bit it a few times due to the slick bottom and high flow rates.


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Familiarize yourself with the guadalupe river regulations there is many rules and refs. However There is no rule for felt soles there.
I personally wouldn't use my pair anywhere else just to prevent any cross contamination.
The felt sticks like Velcro to the algae covered limestone.


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Cabelas makes a very nice felt sole boot.
Good luck fishin. Now that the cold weather is here it's trout season!!
Il be out there soon myself when I can get away from the deer blind.
Catch a monster. There in there...


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Magellan makes some nice neoprene waders for about $80 at Academy. I have a pair and I love them. They are very warm.