We Are Back Online !!


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Howdy everyone ,

I know it's been long that our site was down . Now that we are back online without loosing any old data i would like to thank each and everyone of you that kept in touch with me during last few months through emails and messages . Would like to let everyone know we are still in early stage of updates and changes around our site. We still have lot of work to be done around here.

If there are any issues , bugs noticed please post it in proper section so we can fix them .



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Great to be back up. I checked the site when I took leave back to SA before, but still down. Glad it’s up


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Been doing good, just waiting for this retirement date to get approved. I was down there on 17 Nov for my daughters foot surgery. My wife and son can help her, but she needs her Dad to carry her everywhere...spoiled brat! As of now, I’m trying to go back for Christmas, but that’s still up in the air. If all goes well, I will retire come March or June.


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Is there any way to send an email to all of registered users to let them know that we are back up online? I would have never been aware of the site up and running if I didn't click on the link.


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I posted a notice to the 210 Fishing Facebook page a while back that the SAFF site was back online because I recognized a number of members from here were also over there. Guess I was a little premature, cuz SAFF wasn't quite up and running at the time.

Perhaps I'll try it again.