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Hello everyone... I agree with Andy. It would be nice if Bass fisherman could take some of the bigger fish out of some of these bigger lakes and put them into some of the smaller lakes. Catfish are much easier to transport than Bass which makes it a lot easier to move them. If any of you anglers catch a big Bass and know how to properly transport them please do so. One of the best places to put them is Bud Lake. This little fishing hole, in my opinion, is one of the best bass ponds to fish in San Antonio. Most of us anglers that fish it put the bass back, but there are those who do take some fish. So if you can put a big bass into this body of water I would be so great full, as would many others who fish this body of water.
If you do release one in there, could you take a video or a picture to show everyone your good deed. Thanks for reading.:fishing::eek:k:


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Used to do it at Bud Lake before and after it was damned.Mostly bass from Calavaras,those are Florida strain in that area of creeks.Went to Churchill H.S. and stocking works of course, I also remember one kids rich dad bought bass and stocked it after it was damned.It has dried up cause they use that water from time to time, as i understand they use the water for the golf course,at times. We used to call that whole area the Honda Trails,a lot of 4 wheeling back in the day.We had bonfires and alot of partying at night all through that area.I Agree with RipRap, all should stock whatever bass we can keep safely ALIVE to these smaller waters as the state isnt stocking them with bass. Practice catch, photo and release on large bass,keeping only fish that are bleeding bad. as those wont make .Don't waste them ,and keeping a few for supper only on the smaller bass waters if they become overwhelmed with dinks. There were ponds at the end of cadillac rd. off blanco rd.that i stocked that were just incredible, now all gone due to housing. However it was private people would sneak in with minnows and put a dent in the population.Went once to fish with some of my buds,and saw two guys just across the pond sitting on bank.They saw us and slightly panicked ,grabbed there rods,bait bucket,tackle box and then pulled out an incredable stringer of 25-30 nice bass, crappie and cats all of which were my stocked fish.A lot work for for these poachers to just feed the fish and take them .We made sure they never came back ! Don't
be those guys,it made my stomach turn. Tight Lines Everyone. an aerator is helpful to transport fish,and use only water from where you caught them, if a long hall and hot, bring a little ice.
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Hey, everyone I stumbled onto this page while looking for fishing spots in San Antonio. I'm new in town and it would be nice to get to know the fishing community around town.


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Welcome Irv53.

Our site was down for a while, and we're just starting to get members back to posting, so please bear with us if you throw out a question and don't get an immediate reply.

That being said, this is a great forum, and the folks here are usually more than willing to offer tips and advice.


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I have to agree with WD40, there are lots of information in the archives that you can scroll thru to help you, and as everyone returns to posting, you will get real-time updates on the fishing areas.