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Can someone please explain to me the advantage of the whale tail on your outboard motor? (Yes, I am fully aware that I can get the information by using Google or u tube, but I would rather discuss it here) I have owned several boats but I have never used this on my outboard and now I am curious.
I did a lot of fishing in a friend of mines boat that took a long time to get on plane. We put on one of those and it helped a lot with getting the boat up. However, I've read discussions about them on the Texas Fishing Forum and some of the boat pros look down on them. They call them a band aid for a problem. Usually not being propped right.


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That's correct. They are to get the boat on plane faster causing more lift to the back end of the boat. Think of it like a backwards crank bait that swims for the surface. Usually there for underpowered boats or over loaded boat with a lot of people and the boat needs help getting on plane. I've seen them help and hurt a boat. Never no untill u try it out. I'm putting one on my tracker bass boat for when it finally hits the water soon. Only thing that sucks is most of them u have to drill holes in your outboard to attach. If it doesn't help or makes things worse u will have holes remaining in your outboard.

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One other factor not mentioned is shallow water, you will find it will aid a lot in moving in the shallows, it keeps the water around the prop and the mud out of your hair and boat.