What's the best "non-live" bait for catfish?

I took a long break from fishing and am back.
My last stretch of fishing was mainly salt water.
Going out to catch catfish and Grandkids do not like seeing live bait being used.
I have seen someone on this forum mention "chicken".
Other than livers, what else chicken is good to use?

I don't know if it works everywhere but I use frozen shrimp. I buy them at HEB and keep the bag in my freezer. I pull some or take the whole bag to the lake in my cooler. I use what I need and re freeze the rest. After a while they get really ripe which is even better for catfish....


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All great choices,liver takes a little practice to keep on the hook. Fresh cut shad [cut away from the kids]is better,the shrimp is good, mostly channel cats on that. My advice is to use live too, if anything so the kids will not join P.E.T.A. as adults!
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We mainly use livers, a bit messy but well worth it. Our second choice is Little Stinkers Rotten Chicken Liver dip bait. Third, least used, while catfishing is worms. Best bait thats a kid friendly catfishing bait would be dip bait

Buy a hole puncher, some shower sponge and some little pencil grips to make your own dip tubes for your dip bait... oh yea, dont forget some #4 or #6 treble hooks. Good luck :)

Making fishing memories with kids is a precious thing they will never forget.


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Yemon and fish bites strips work for channels and are clean kid Approved. Lol
Power bait makes a clean pre balled bait that works well too. I keep some in my boat for
Clients if the crappie don't bite.

I second the motion in getting the kids used to live bait... It Is all part of the memories ...
Chicken liver. I have hit up cibolo creek 3 times in the last month and chicken liver has been amazing for the Cats and in my case the Gars. Plus for a bucket it only costed me $1.01.
@StevenC Nice kitties!! What parts of cibolo creek you fishing. I've been hitting the trailer park behind Kowloon's off 78 and zuehl st by the sonic off 78 and only seem to be getting little bullheads (at least that's what one person told me they were) maybe about a pound or two but nothing bigger. Any other good spots on the creek in the schertz area?

Chicken liver. I have hit up cibolo creek 3 times in the last month and chicken liver has been amazing for the Cats and in my case the Gars. Plus for a bucket it only costed me $1.01.
Wow, a lot of great replies/advice!
I know I should get los nietos locos used to live bait, I'm just started introducing them to fishing (went to Castroville Park Regional Park and fished at spots on the, now full, Rio Medina with Big Gulp fake maggots and worms and we kept pulling in some nice perch. Others there were pulling in catfish and bass.
I like the chicken breast chunks in sardine oil idea, I do like chicken livers, also, and as a kid I remember going to the local store and buying that frozen block of "not for human consumption" shrimp.
So the Little Stinkers Rotten Chicken Liver stink bait is pretty good...
Also I have done little river fishing for catfish...3 oz weight and a 2 hook jig with ya'lls suggested baits?
If you go to youtube.com and search for catfish bait with chicken livers you will find a couple of good ideas on how to keep the liver on your hook. One uses old pantie hose and the other surgical gauze you buy at the drug store. It is made to put over fingers while they heal. I use the surgical hose and put the liver inside and then go ahead and place my hook there too. I tie a short mono leader to the hook and put a dozen or so in the freezer. They are not messy to use, the catfish like them, the turtles can't steal your bait, and you can use the hooks over again. I also like to use small perch. Lots of times that little perch will suddenly grow into a large bass or catfish.
People look at me weird when I tell them this but my wife and I use bacon for cats. Regular old thick cut bacon. Pick off a strip of meat and spear it on the hook a few times, leave some dangling and it kinda looks like a worm. Cheap and one pack can last all day. Don't bother using the fat because it just gets picked off right away. Good luck!
Thanks for all of the great advice!!
I now have a lot of catfishing weapons to use.
I will post y'all our Los Nietos Locos catfish catches next time out.