Where is the best spot to catch bass?


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Welcome panfisher. I too just arrived back to San Antonio after a 1.5 year assignment to Wyoming. I was never a big bass fisherman, mostly went after the reds in Calaveras and down at the island. I had an opportunity while I was stationed in Wyoming to get on some bass, so I too am looking for spots to go within the next couple of weeks if time allows. There are some people on here that can put you on some bass, just have to give them time to respond since the site was down for a couple of months.
I just recently started fishing for bass (normally down at the coast) and am looking for spots to hit up around the northside. Just using google maps ive seen a few ponds but not really sure where to go and where Ill be thrown out of.

Im very interested in good spots to hit up too.
Good to hear that you are looking for some good place for Bass Fishing, Well Brackenridge Park, Braunig Lake & Calaveras Lake are best for Bass fishing at San Antonio.

Robert Medina

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A lot of good little ponds around San Antonio to bass fish. Can be highly pressured some days at certain ponds. You have to travel outside the city a bit to hit a lake like Medina, Canyon, Braunig, Calaveras. On the northside there are a few spots to bank fish like along Cibolo and Salado creek. Google maps will be your best friend..
If it is on a green belt or trail you can just assume it will be high pressure and tough to fish. I haven't really found any honey holes, and quite frankly I have been skunked the last 5 or so times I have fished.